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American Domains

You can register a .US domain for up to 10 years in advance. NTC Hosting now offers you the chance to reserve your preferred domain name for a whole decade to make sure that no one takes it right from under your nose. A multiple-year renewal option is available too. They process both registration and transfer requests immediately. Simply let them know what your second-level domain name should be and we'll handle the rest.


Canadian Domain Registrar

NTC Hosting provide moderately priced .CA domain name registration & transfer services. With each domain name registered or transferred over to them, they give you their free-of-charge Domain Manager - an easy-to-work-with domain management graphical user interface, which will grant you complete control over your domain.


Cheap .US Domains

Thus, to register a domain name, you have to select a name for your site. Next, you have to pick a Top-Level Domain - this is what follows the dot. For instance, in 'facebook.com', '.com' is the Top-Level Domain (TLD). Clearly, '.com' is short for 'company', '.net' is short for 'network', '.org' is short for 'organization', and so on.


Dedicated Servers

Dedicated IP Hosting

The dedicated servers offered by Resellers Panel can provide you with all the resources you will need, no matter how many domains you wish to host, or how resource demanding they may be.


Dedicated Servers Reseller

When we talk about hosting web servers, there are 3 principal varieties - shared hosting servers, VPS (private virtual hosting servers) and dedicated servers. Shared hosting servers accommodate numerous clients and therefore the system resources per user account are limited, VPS web hosting servers give you more configuration autonomy, but also affect other virtual private web hosting servers on the hardware node if utilized unwisely, and dedicated web hosting servers give you the autonomy to carry out everything you like without messing with anyone else.


Dedicated Virtual Server

There are various server Operating Systems such as Windows, FreeBSD, various Linux distributions, etc. Specific hosts offer web hosting servers utilizing one particular OS, whereas others offer customers an option. MSSQL databases and .NET web sites need a Windows web server, for instance, and will not operate on a different Operating System, whereas PHP and HTML based sites using MySQL databases will work on any Operating System.


Free Hosting Solutions

Free MySQL Web Hosting

Considering the pros and cons of the free-of-charge web hosting service, you can decide whether you demand such a package or a paid professional one. Some web hosting web hosts like FreeHostia, for instance, offer various standard shared hosting packages that are quite cheap and vastly surpass the resources furnished by any cost-free web space hosting plan.


Free Hosting Services

Not long ago I discovered 100 Webspace, a UK-registered web hosting distributor, which offers cost-free hosting plans. The prime reason why they can offer free-of-charge web hosting packages without any banners is the fact that you can open only one single charge-free website hosting user account with them, whereas hosting suppliers that place banner commercials on your websites allow you to have as many free-of-charge web site hosting user accounts as you prefer.


Free Perl Hosting

Even though the number of providers, which provide free-of-cost web page hosting services without ads is meagre, you can obtain a free-of-charge hosting account that is not much dissimilar from a paid one if you sign up with one of the top free web hosting providers. Usually, these are hosts that furnish both charge-free and professional paid cheap web hosting services and their revenue does not depend upon advertisements, but on the professional paid solutions that their customers order.


Hosting Reseller Services

24/7 Reseller Hosting Support

When picking a web site hosting plan, it's always better to opt for an experienced hosting vendor, which has been functioning for several years, and which supplies hosting services worldwide. Such hosting distributors can be easily spotted by the way in which they are offering their web hosting plans. An experienced web hosting provider will not merely offer well-balanced hosting and reseller services, but it will also provide features that are uniquely theirs and that separate them from all the other hosting firms. For instance, ResellersPanel has not simply invented a unique reseller hosting program where you don't have to pay in order to sell their services, but ResellersPanel.com has also created its own web hosting CP.


Fantastico cPanel Reseller Hosting

A hosting reseller solution is a type of web hosting account, which allows the user to set up various sub-accounts that can be sold to various clients. This is mainly achieved by giving the reseller access to a main reseller hosting account, through which he can set up separate web hosting accounts utilizing the web server hard drive space provided by the reseller web hosting package, for which he pays a given tax. This is a lot like the shared hosting service and just like it, with most reseller programs, lots of web hosting reseller accounts share a single web hosting server and are not granted full root-level access to the server configuration files.


Cheap Reseller Hosting Plans

Apart from the already mentioned method of reseller hosting accounts, there are also a few other ways that work just as fine. However, they differ with respect to the levels of participation and the budget amount that each of them requires. As already stated, the most popular way of reselling web hosting services offers you limited possibilities and you risk losing your cash if things go wrong. Because of this reason, bigger hosting firms such as ResellersPanel offer alternative modes of reselling hosting plans without having to buy anything beforehand, or to even become involved in the provision of technical and billing support.


VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting in US

Each VPS web hosting server is handled through a Control Panel GUI, often referenced as a virtualization panel. This tool enables you to restart the whole virtual web server or various services like HTTP, MySQL, and so on, to monitor and administer all running tasks and to keep track of the consumed and the available system resources.


VPS Hosting in Europe

As you will have full root-level access, you can also activate server-side applications that may be required for given script-powered platforms to function, explore detailed traffic stats and history of all the tasks running on the VPS hosting server. One of the greatest traits of the virtualization panel is that you can use it to easily activate a Control Panel on the virtual server.


Canada VPS Hosting

A VPS is a relatively cheap web hosting service, but it is advanced enough to support web sites such as a highly visited web store or a large corporate website. As its management is easy, it is the favored selection of both rookies and accomplished users.


Web Hosting

Web Host Square

The domain is made of two parts - the actual name and the extension, or technically speaking - an SLD (second-level domain name) and a TLD (top-level domain name). If we have "example.com", "example" is the Second-Level Domain, and ".com" is the top-level domain name. The Top-Level Domains are divided into generic top-level domain names - .com, .net, .info, .biz; and country-code top-level domain names - .us, .de, .es, etc.


Web Hosting Tycoons

The World Wide Web is a crucial element in every individual's daily life. It gives you the possibility to gain extra cash, but can also be a main source of income. In order to display advertisements on your site or to publicize a service that you sell, you always require a website hosting solution, which will ensure that your web page is protected and continually available.


Competitive Business Web Hosting

Your website content is situated on a web hosting server and to be able to open this web content, the web hosting service provider apportions a certain quota of monthly web hosting traffic to your account, which comes into play every time somebody looks up your website.